You wake up, head hurting on a strange beach. You get up and see other people with you, also waking up and looking very confused. You suddenly realize why they, and even yourself, are so confused: you can’t remember who you are. You don’t remember who you are, your name, even what you look like. You stumble to the water to get a reflection of your face, but the water is too murky to give you a decent understanding. One of the other humans who woke up on the beach with you yells out, “Hey! I found a piece of paper on this stake! It’s got all of our pictures and names on it!”

You hurry over to the stake, making out who is who when you finally come to what must be a picture of yourself…since it’s the only picture you didn’t match with someone else. A sense of relief washes over you to know what your name is and what you look like…

At the bottom of the paper, you read a small note, “Hold the Gate of the Black Rock.” Rather odd ending note, but you do see a large, thick black rock of petrified lava, it looks like, just a little further towards the forest in front of you. You decide to have a look around. Just behind the big, black rock is a decently tread path into the forest. It doesn’t go too far until it turns out of sight. To the right, along the beach, is just smooth sand for all you can tell, and to the left it turns craggy and mountainous after a long ways. There are a few higher peaks with one top mountain in that area. You look behind you out across the waters: a few islands are in the general vicinity, yet too far away to swim to just yet. No use wasting energy trying to get somewhere else when you have no reason to be uncomfortable with where you are presently.

There is a quick sense of group inclusiveness as victims together in the same strange happenstance. The group decides to go to the big, black rock to see what it looks like in more detail. Upon not-too-careful examination, a hand’s imprint can be seen on one of the sides of the rock. It looks as if there have been years worth of other humans who have placed their hands in that mold before.

One of your group asks, “Well, should we do it?”

It’s ultimately your choice. Will you do it?

A Word from the GM Lord,

Hi! This is the home page for Game Ender, a homebrew game that I created. Players start with amnesia on a strange island. There is a backstory present, and the world is intensely self-sufficient. The PC’s aren’t gods that change the face of the world here. Each creature or person that the Players may (or may not) come across have their very own personalities, lives, and motivations. Even if the Players weren’t here, this world would continue to grow and change. To help celebrate that fact, the Players do have many large choices in play: do they follow the clues that lead them along the main plot story? Or do they play in the sandbox, and just live out great, if not strange, lives? It’s up to them.

Also, being a people-nerd, the “party” itself is flexible. Change happens; it always does. No sense forcing things to be together if they are pushing apart. I have a great group of players right now (Zach, John, Nick, and Nikki) and they have done a great job at both exploring the sandbox as well as follow the story snippets. [insert evil laugh here]

In the effort to make the system as simple as possible, I use almost exclusively d20, d4, and sometimes a d6. PC attributes are Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Speed, Magic, and Charisma. All attributes are scored out of 12 and random-rolled via 2d6 for each.

I’m not necessarily looking for any new players currently, but you can always make your case. Any questions? Email me at Thanks!

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Game Ender