Game Ender

A Beginning of Things
Most of the First Island Highlights

John, Nick, Nikki, and Zach’s characters wake up on a beach on a strange island, with no recollection of their past. All four suffer severe amnesia, but not too much to not recognize “sand,” “trees” and other things.

All four touch the Gate of the Black Rock. John is a goblin, Nick becomes a dwarf, Nikki turns into an elf, and after a while Zach finally lands a goblin. They begin their journey with crude weapons: sticks, rocks and such. Notable attributes: John is pretty decent all around; Nick is fairly high in everything except Int; Nikki is maxed on Int and rocks high Cha and Mag; Zach is the dumbest of them all, yet is also maxed in Agl.

After a while, the group makes their way towards the mountains. They come across a very small, green goblin/imp (snotling) and his acorn before approaching the great Door Cave of the Mountain. Not able to enter yet, they wander around the northern part of the island and then down south. The group goes so far south to find the other side of the island and an ogre village – Nak Karr – with its chieftain. Nick doesn’t like being almost killed by the rest of the group, so he peaces out.

After Nick leaves, the other three go with the ogres back to their village. Their chieftain talks with them about the key to the Door Cave of the Mountain. He sends them on a quest to solve a silly riddle about water and the moon and other things. The three jaunt south to the small bay, and cross over it. They’re attacked by a merfolk in the bay and by a ahuizotl (aquatic monkey with a hand tail) on the beach on the other side of the bay. This solves the riddle, though, and they return to the ogre village. When they get back, though, the players get a bad feeling about the chieftain; he’s being sneaky and not being completely truthful with them. They leave under the guise of doing another “quest” for the chieftain.

Nick left to the east along the beach. After trekking over the rolling hills on this part of the island, he find the dwarf village of Thok Nu. He works a bit in the mines, and is at Thok Nu when the other three arrive. When everyone gets back together, there is a reconciliation of sorts; things are still pretty tense between Nick and Nikki. They find out the scheming of the ogre chieftain from the dwarven council elder, and the history of the conflicts between the dwarves and ogres.

The group as a whole decide to enter into the mountain via the secret dwarven entrance in the mines.

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